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Post C-section horn playing

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Dec. 21, 2016

I am now ten days post-op and itching to play – however the doctors have advised to wait a month before playing horn. I'm wondering what to do in the meantime and considering my mouthpiece only options. I posted on a few different fb sites and have gotten a couple great suggestions including:

-Holding matchsticks in the corners of my mouthpiece to strengthen embouchure

-Start on the horn slowly whenever it feels right for your body

-Mouthpiece visualizer exercises

-P.E.T.E. exercises

-Just enjoy the time off!

(I had to look up the PETE and I'm a little bit wary because it seems like I could probably just use something around the house that I already have but I ordered one nonetheless and will try it out this weekend!)

The strangest thing about taking this much time off is the skin on my lips, it's both gummy and flaky and feels very thin. It actually feels kind of like mochi, Japanese rice paper that you can wrap around little scoops of ice cream...yum! Weird.

I'm going to try a few of these ideas this afternoon – stay tuned!